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Driver Operator

Saudi Arabia

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Salary      :

Job Type  :

2000 SAR / Month

Full Time


  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responds to actual or potential fires or emergencies by driving fire vehicle to site of fire or emergency, operates fire vehicles turrets, hoses, and nozzles to suppress the fires.

    2. Performs rescue operations, using equipment such as breathing apparatus, entry tools, blowers protective dothing, and ladders gain access to accident victims.

    3. Evaluates injuries, treats when possible, and removes victim to safe locations.

    4. Regularly checks all mechanical, hydraulic, and powered entry tools for proper operation.

    5. Maintains protective clothing, boots, and gloves n a safe and usable condition,

    6. Maintains breathing apparatus in an operational condition by recharging alr canisters and replacing filters after each use.

    7. Replenishes water and agent tanks.

    8. Starts each vehicle daily; checks for proper operation of engine, transmission, drive train, pumps, and hydraulic systems.

    9. Checks fuels, oll and water levels, and pressures ‘and takes corrective actions if necessary.

    10. Lubricates hose connectors, reels, turrets, valves, and other ‘moving parts.

    11. Reports vehicle and/or equipment operational discrepancies to his crew chief,

    12. Performs regular duties to maintain station and fire trucks in lean and orderly condition.

    13. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Specialized Qualifications: Shall have completed courses in and be qualified to GACAR139- Certification Level II and N.P.F.A - 1002 Fire Apparatus, Driver/Operator. Shall also be qualified to N.F.P.A. 1003 Airport Firefighter, NFPA 4 first responder operational level, and advanced first aid qualified.

  • Nationals of countries other than the United States shall possess qualifications at least equal to the above

  • Experience: Five (5) years’ experience in Fire/rescue services including two (2) years as a driver/operator at 2 Category five (5) or above airport in an equivalent position. Additional fire/rescue work experience may be substituted for up to two (2) ‘years formal education in the ratio of two (2) years’ experience to one (1) years education.

  • Languages: Ablity to read write and speak Englsh required

  • Others: Valid heavy vehicle operator license

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