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Fire Fighter

Saudi Arabia

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Salary      :

Job Type  :

1800 SAR / Month

Full Time


  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responds to actual or potential fire emergencies to prevent or extinguish fires and rescue aircraft crew and passengers.

    2. Responds to structural fires, including Airport buildings, facilities, fuel farms, petroleum products storage areas and other area of the airport and combat fires and potential fire hazards.

    3. Applies foam on fuel spills to minimize danger of aircraft fire or explosion.

    4. Participates in removal of trapped or injured aircraft crew and passengers, using forcible entry power tools; rescue operations by using equipment such as breathing, blowers, protective clothing, and ladders to go to accident victims.

    5. Assists in evacuation of accident victims to safe location for further treatment/assessment acting on instruction and handling of victims where possible.

    6. Operates turrets, hoses, and nozzles to suppress fire.

    7. Regularly checks all mechanical, hydraulic, and powered entry tools for proer operation.

    8. Maintains protective clothing boots, and golves in a safe and usable condition.

    9. Performs regular duties to maintain station in a clean and orderly condition.

    10. Performs other duties as assigned

  • Specialized Qualifications: Shall have completed courses in and be qualified to GACAR139-Certification Levels and N.P.F.A - 1003, Airport Firefighter. Shall also be qualified to N.F.P.A.1002 Fire Apparant Driver/Operator, NFPA 472 first responder operational level.Nationals of countries other than the United States shall possess qualifications at least equal to the Above.

  • Experience: Five (5) years* experience in Fire/rescue services including two (2) years as a fireman at a Category five (5) or above airport. Additional fire/rescue work experience may be substituted (2) years formal education in the ratio of two (2) years’ experience to ane (1) year education.

  • Languages: Ability to read, write and speak English required

  • Others: Valid heavy operator license.

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