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Hydraulic Mechanic Technician

Saudi Arabia

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Salary      :

Job Type  :

2500 SAR / Month

Full Time


  • Food and Accommodation will be provided by the company

  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Installation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems

    2. Read blueprints and diagrams while troubleshooting and diagnosing problems

    3. Perform preventative maintenance to avoid operational failures of hydraulic systems

    4. Welding, metal fabrication and electrical assembly

    5. Provide drawing review and suggestions related to part inspection and testing

    6. Use computers and other technologies to investigate and repair hydraulic equipment

    7. Reassemble machines and equipment

    8. Read dials and meters to determine amperage, voltage, electrical output and input at specific operating temperature to analyze parts performance

    9. Operate drill press, grinders, engine lathe, or other machines to modify parts tested or to fabricate experimental parts for testing

  • Experience: Experience in the related field

  • Languages: Ability to read, write and speak English required

  • Others: Valid heavy vehicle operator license.

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