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Mechanic Transmission Technician

Saudi Arabia

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Salary      :

Job Type  :

2500 SAR / Month

Full Time


  • Food and Accommodation will be provided by the company

  • Job Description: Repairs and overheads manual and automatic transmissions based on workshop manual specifications, work orders and verbal instructions

  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Raises vehicles using jacks or hoists and removes transmission.

    2. Disassemble transmission unit and replaces broken or worn parts such as bands, gears, seals, and values.

    3. Adjust pumps, bands, and gears according to specifications.

    4. Installs repaired or overhauled transmission and fills it with specified fluid.

    5. Adjusts operating linkage and tests operations of repaired transmission on road.

    6. Makes estimates of materials requirements and informs superior of needs.

    7. Reports status of work completion.

    8. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Education: Nine years education plus completion of recognized vehicle maintainence training program.

  • Experience: Three years ‘experience as a vehicle mechanic with atleast 2 years specializing in transmission overhauls. Additional years of comparable experience may be substituted for up to 3 years education or training program completion.

  • Languages: Ability to understand written and verbal instructions in Arabic or English.

  • Others: Valid heavy vehicle operator's license from in country of origin and ability to obtain same in Saudi Arabia. During periods of emergency or special conditions, this position may involve overtime or standby duty

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